COOLGEOHEAT II aims to increase production of renewable geothermal energy from the ground for collective supply of green cities and rural areas of the future.

Roll-out of the termonet

COOLGEOHEAT II aims to increase the production of renewable geothermal energy from the ground, for collective supply of the green cities and rural areas of the future. The supply technology is the so-called 5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC), which we refer to as termonet.

The termonet connects household heat pumps to a shared network of uninsulated pipes and energy sources, using the ground as a large heating battery. When energy sources are shared and heat can be stored in the ground, the cost per household is reduced compared to individual supply alternatives, which benefits both society, the consumer and the termonet owner.

However, the roll-out of termonet is still challenged partly by national boundary conditions and regulations, as well as a lack of design guidelines to ensure comfort and security of supply considering varying cooling and heating needs.

The project's contribution

COOLGEOHEAT II will contribute with the following:

Design guidelines

In the project, we jointly investigate and document how termonet heat pumps make the best possible use of green electricity for supplying heating and cooling in the households while at the same time ensuring that the residents experience a high level of comfort.

On that basis, the project produces a design guide for the termonet heat pumps.

Toll for predicting heating and cooling demands in buildings

In order to ensure that termonet supplies the required heating and cooling while keeping total costs to a minimum, it is necessary to accurately estimate the energy consumption in each building prior to construction of the termonet.

We collect information about building energy consumption in Danish and Swedish households and use this information to create a tool that can predict the heating and cooling needs in new and existing buildings. In this way, we can better design our termonet.

Business models and guidelines

Termonet enjoys great interest in both Denmark and Sweden, where the first project development is ongoing, especially in Denmark.

We collect information from these projects and find out how the termonets were designed, how the financing was made possible and how the regulatory framework affected the realization of the projects.

On this basis, we improve existing models for ownership and operation of termonet and we provide recommendations in relation to possible, future changes to the national heating sector legislations.

Improvements to existing termonet

The termonet is able use many different energy sources and the interaction with the ground, which functions as a large heating battery, provides a very high degree of flexibility.

The right combination of energy sources and storage in the ground is crucial for the sustainability of termonet. We investigate potential improvements to existing termonet with the inclusion of various alternative energy sources such as waste-, rain- and drinking water, solar heating, heat from cooling, process heat, etc.

This ensures a continued yet increased focus on making the best possible use of the green electricity in new designs of termonet.

Anchoring and dissemination of results

In order to anchor the project's work, we establish a shared, international knowledge and teaching platform for termonet, which serves to educate stakeholders in the ÖKS area and the EU.

The platform is anchored at Region Midtjylland via the project website, and an annual summer school is organized, which is carried out in collaboration between Region Midtjylland, Svenskt Geoenergicentrum, Lund University, VIA and Termonet Danmark.

Here, all interested people can acquire the necessary knowledge to get started with project development with termonet.

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